Apr 182011

On March 23, 2011 version 2.15.0 of XLingPaper was released.   It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The main highlights are:

  • Added a web page output that pays attention to an associated publisher style sheet (as much as it can; e.g. there are no page headers or footers since web pages do not have multiple pages).
  • Added a command to enter two consecutive references to examples, sections, figures, numbered tables, interlinear text items, or appendices. This command inserts the two reference elements, inserts an n-dash between them, and sets the attributes appropriately for both reference elements.
  • Added selectedBibliography element to allow for the special cases where you want more references to appear than are cited in the body of the document.
  • Added a text ID attribute to the interlinear-text element. One can now have an interlinearRefCitation element refer to an entire interlinear-text.
  • Added a showTitle attribute to the sectionRef element. One can use this to have either the full or short title of the referred to section/chapter/part be output. Added the same attribute for the appendixRef element.
  • Added a showTitleOnly to the interlinearRefCitation element. It can be used to have the short or full title of the referred to interlinear text be output.
  • Added a showCaption to the figureRef and tablenumberedRef elements. It can be used to have the full or short caption of the referred to figure or numbered table be output.
  • Added a way to convert Endnote XML files to XLingPaper references format.

Click here to see the complete change history.

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